A Bit of Weekend Listening

Here’s some new music for your weekend. Firstly Band of Horses have announced their new album, Mirage Rock, due for release on the 18th September. The follow up from 2010’s Infinite Arms, one of my favourite albums of that year is set to follow along in that same vein of rocky americana reminiscent of the Youth and Young Manhood era Kings of Leon. A new song was put out there into the ether this week, ‘Knock Knock’ and you can check it out here;

Next up is the new JD McPherson single, harking back to the old days of Buddy Holly and the like in the 50s, I really like this, especially the brass, ooh anything with brass in makes me happy, here it is, I hope it makes you happy too;

Oh and he was on Lauren Lavern’s 6music show on Thursday which you can listen to here

Something that made me smile today was the fact that Stealing Sheep, that wonderful Liverpool folk band was the new band of the day at the Guardian, you can read that here . Their album is out soon, on the 13th August, and I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Here is my favourite song of theirs;

To finish up this post here is something from Heavenly recordmate of Stealing Sheep, a take away show of Sea of Bees because Julie Bee is brilliant, I love this session a lot, an awful lot, you can see it here

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